Do I need a business card?

You may be considering, in the age of technology, should I still need a business card? Regardless of the factors you may have to consider, theirs an abundance of reasons on how come you might need a business card. Including meeting people in person, remembering people you’ve networked with, professionalism, utilizing creativity to market yourself, marketing on a budget. Solar Printing is your resource for designing and printing business cards in The Fraser Valley and The Greater Vancouver Area. Our office and distribution centre is located conveniently in Abbotsford, British Columbia. 

Meeting people online versus in person has two completely different effects on communication. Communicating with someone online can be as easy as sending a message or replying to a post left online. Although this can be quite easy, it’s not as personal has having a direct conversation with someone in person. Meeting someone online does not leave the same impression on someone as speaking directly with someone in person may. When you converse with people in person you leave some that is quite unforgettable. With that, you include your custom 1 of 1 created business card!

Networking is essential for your business, when meeting individuals at networking events. First impressions and business cards go hand in hand on creating a good long lasting experience. At networking events, a creative business card can help you stand out in comparison to others. Memorable experiences provide the value that online marketing can’t in comparison to running digital ad campaigns throughout the internet! As well, connecting a name with a face is quite essential in business.

Business cards can help with giving yourself a professional image to potential business partners or clients. In comparison, when at a networking event and a potential business partner requests your contact information. Handing a business card versus handing a napkin with your name, phone, e-mail and address written on it have quite the handful of difference. A company or business aims to work with the most professional company, not the amateurs. With a well designed business card, you can achieve that. Solar Printing is here to provide you the ability to promote your company or business in that manner.

Utilizing creativity to build your brand or personal image and credibility allows you to focus on delivering products like no other. In an ocean of corporate business cards, using bright colours, distinct logos, phrases, and shapes allow you to stand out in comparison to others. Regardless of the project you may have in mind for your personal business cards. Solar Printing offers competitive rates and our design team helps you bring your dream to reality.

As well, marketing your brand or company can be quite the expensive task. Business card’s provide an affordable outlet to bringing more traffic to your business. Handing out your business cards and getting your personal and business name out there is an economical option to market your brand. Solar Printing provides amazing rates for your business cards. 

In the time of your companies digital presence being quite vital, Solar Printing is here to fulfill all of your printing and physical marketing requirements. Solar Printing has teamed up with Solar Digital for all our graphic design needs. Solar Printing serves The Fraser Valley, The Greater Vancouver Area, all of The Lower Mainland, and the rest of British Columbia. Solar Printing is located conveniently in Abbotsford, British Columbia.


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