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Solar Printing’s extensive design team works with businesses from single individuals, small businesses and enterprise solutions. Solar Printing works with its sister company, Solar Digital. Solar Digital provides different tips and tricks to help assist in the best methods to create a memorable and distinct design. Short and catchy headlines, using patterns, being bold with colours, utilizing seasonal designs, and making it minimalist. Your company’s branding is essential, with the help of Solar Printing, we can provide a memorable experience while still increasing your brand’s awareness and trust. Get in touch with Solar Printing Today.

Your headline is the first thing that your customer will see on your print, due to that. Solar Printing highly recommends utilizing something that is short and catchy. It remains memorable for the reader. Making it stand out is necessary as more and more people will attempt to read your sign. Immediately, the customer should be able to understand what your company does and the industry that it serves. As well, it should utilize your company’s brand. If your company makes shoes, you could say “Quicker, Durable, Comfortable. With Solar Shoes.” Or for a construction company, “Build more beautiful homes with, Solar Home Builders.”. These are just small examples of different types of headlines you could offer when working with Solar Printing. We ensure your branding material’s headline catches the customer’s eyes.

Utilizing patterns, and building just as great designs, Solar Printing recommends playing with patterns to match the similar vibe of your business’s brand. Working with patterns makes your design stand out and remain memorable to the client. Using distinct colours, patterns, shapes, and geometries will catch the eye of the viewer far more than a blatant blank screen. If you want to bring more eyes to your company or project, Solar Printing recommends using distinct patterns in your design. Work with Solar to build your beautiful design.

Standing out comparative to others can be a difficult challenge to tackle. Working with bold and bright colours assists with that. For example, working with a bright and bold colour palette brings more eyes to your company compared to working with a darker and colder palette. However, working with your surroundings should be taken into consideration as well. Concrete and forestry are two polar opposites of backgrounds for your print. Utilizing bold colours in either of the situations will help you with standing out. Solar Printing’s consultation of your print will help you decide which colour would work best in your own situation. 

Depending on the time of the year, branding your business based on the seasonal event that is upcoming is a creative method of marketing your business. Each industry can rely on utilizing each of its respective seasons. For example, cafes can use Christmas for branding their business, fireworks suppliers can use Canada Day and Diwali, and Chicken farmers can work with Easter. These are just a small list of different ideas, Solar can provide one for your business.

The saying “Less Is More” can actually be quite true when working with print. The human eye does not like to be overwhelmed with an abundance of information when looking at an infographic. Tackling this issue is easy when working with minimalism. On a large canvas, having just your company’s information and logo can be quite fruitful. Provide only what is necessary when working with clients’ prints. Minimalism is an essential tool to work with when planning on creating a memorable design. We ensure that options are limitless when working with Solar Printing.

Solar Printing is your go-to Commercial Printing Shop when working in The Greater Vancouver Area and The Fraser Valley. Get in touch with Dave at Solar Printing to build your company’s next signage or print. We want to help you build beautiful things.

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