The best types of signs to market your retail business

If your business is run out of a physical retail location, every passing eye is another potential lead. The use of the correct signage can be used to your advantage. Solar Printing helps businesses design, promote and market their businesses with the use of different types of signage. Regardless if you’re looking to build foot traffic or build brand awareness in your local area, Solar Printing is here to assist you. We can produce any type of sign you’d like, and handle the design and installation portion as well. Benefits include: increasing your visibility, making you stand out from competitors, promoting a sale or an event, building brand awareness, and letting your local community know you’re open for business. Get in touch with Solar Printing today to determine what sign fits your company’s needs.

There is a lot to consider when designing and purchasing a sign from Solar Printing. Marketing strategy, what are you intending to get across to the customer with your sign? Is there a sale or did you just recently open up? Brand identity, can we keep the same aesthetic of the branding you’ve currently done with the same signage? Budget limitations, what is your budget for your project? Space limitations, how much retail frontage do you have to build your brand presence? When consulting your project with Solar Printing, these questions all get brought up to determine which signage fits your needs. Solar Printing deals with companies throughout Abbotsford, Langley, Chilliwack, Mission, The Fraser Valley, and The Greater Vancouver Area. Get in touch with Solar Printing to determine which sign fits your company’s needs.

The types of signage that should be used often vary by industry, for example. We create custom menu signs for restaurants used in either a hanging format or a sandwich outdoor board. Outdoor banners are used by an abundance of companies by us in Abbotsford and The Fraser Valley such as car dealerships, retail storefronts, and service businesses. They are often used to market specific deals that may be occurring seasonally or for a specific promotion. The advantage to using industry-specific signage is that you can custom tailor specific signage to your business and your brand, Solar Printing gives you that flexibility with our in-house design and production team. We provide quick prototyping and production, contact us to determine your same-day printing. 

Almost all retail stores require signage, they act as a silent salesman. Providing information quickly and easily to the consumer. Regardless of the niche you serve in retail, Solar Printing can provide a custom plan design for your storefront. As well, floor decals can be an excellent tool to promote a pathway for a customer to walk or direct customers into areas of the store that may not typically get as much foot traffic as usual. However, another lateral that isn’t considered as often is the ceiling of your retail store, adding signs that lead to checkouts can ensure you convert as many customers as possible. Solar Printing can bring your dreams to your retail business. 

Building your retail storefront can be a stressful time to determine how to situate your business, our goal at Solar Printing is to make this time as less stressful as possible. Contact us to determine your business’s needs, and our in-house production team will determine what is the correct path to take in setting up your retail storefront with custom signage. As well, as more than just handling your signage. Solar Digital, handles all aspects of web design and development, as well, as creating all your e-commerce solutions with popular web frameworks such as Shopify and WooCommerce. Solar Printing and Solar Digital deal with an abundance of businesses across Abbotsford, Langley, Mission, Chilliwack, The Fraser Valley, and The Greater Vancouver Area.

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